Phani Pandrangi

In the fiercely competitive mobile app market, developers look for any edge to gain app store visibility, users and funding. By uncovering details about how your app is actually being used, mobile app analytics can provide that edge.

Gigaom Research recently hosted a webinar titled Beyond Downloads: Comprehensive Mobile Application Analytics featuring Kii SVP and Chief Product Officer Phani Pandrangi. It's now available for you to stream on demand so you can learn:

  • Why vanity metrics like downloads aren't enough
  • The right metrics to track, specific to your app
  • How analytics fit into planning and development
  • Tips for optimizating your UX through app intelligence
  • Which mobile analytics solution is right for you

What attracts your users? How do they move through the app? Which features are most popular? What's the optimal placement for in-app purchases? Start uncovering your answers today.

About Kii Analytics

Kii Analytics provides insights far beyond vanity statistics so you can make data-driven decisions to engage users and turn your app into a global business. Define custom metrics and dynamically track the user behavior you care about most, in terms specific to your mobile app.